This website has been used as a recruitment website for Neways Electronics International N.V., a top European EMS-provider with over 2800 employees world-wide.

The website is coded in PHP and Javascript/jQuery (no further frameworks used). Vacancies are loaded via a REST API call to a Carerix job application management database. When candidates apply online, their application is stored in this database. The website includes an extensive Magazine section with interviews with employees and articles on technical projects, and accompanying photography. These articles highlight people and projects from all 6 operating companies throughout The Netherlands. I have conducted the interviews, written the articles, and made the photographs.

The website data (apart from vacancy-data) is stored via an XML based system, facilitating multilingual webpages. Thus, each above mentioned article is described in an XML file for a specific language. The Magazine overview page automatically displays all available magazine articles. Deleting articles therefore is as simple as removing an XML file from the server.

The website has been active for over 5 years. An archival copy can be found at Please note this archival copy does no longer constitute company communication by Neways.


Below are some of the over 500 photographs used in this project. Al images have been made with a Leica S2 Medium Format camera and a Canon D550. camera. A selection of about 100 images has additionally been used by Neways for marketing purposes.

Images are subject to copyright.